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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Welcome Italy

Welcome to the newest country reader, from Italy. You join readers in 22 other countries of this blog. Thank you!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Birthday - Thai Style

As I had previously written, not all Thai people celebrate birthdays, in the manner to which we in the west have been accustomed. The day may well go unrecognized and the idea of a party or presents is not as prevalent as we have experienced in our North American culture.  A friend of ours, Noua, came by the house last week and in conversation mentioned that today was his birthday. When we asked what they would be doing to celebrate he responded that they would be maybe having a beach dinner party next week. Another Thai friend, Dul,  had a birthday last week and when we called he said we were the only people to call for his birthday. When we asked what he would be doing, he told us that he would cook a meal for his parents. So it was a rare opportunity when Noua invited us to go to an actual birthday party.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Welcome UAE

Welcome to the newest reader country, the United Arab Emirates. 
You join 21 other countries where this blog is read. Thanks for your interest.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Waving Flags- Part 2

Flags for the readers from, Denmark, Russia, South Africa and Thailand. From now on as I welcome each country reader(s) I will put their flag on that post. As of today this blog has now been read in 21 countries. Thank you all!

South Africa

Waving Flags-Part 1

Well I began to post the flags of the reader countries as they came on-line, and thought that I should in fairness list all of the countries that I had not posted for. so here goes part 1. For readers from Australia, USA, Canada, Taiwan and the UK

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Welcome Malaysia

Welcome to the newest country reader from Malaysia. You join 20 other countries where this blog is read!

Sea Gypsies,Refugee's and Baby Shop Beer

We had just moved into the new house for about a week, when I headed back to Canada to do some business. Having left the wonderful plus 32 degrees(C) I stayed in Mission, where it managed to get to about 10 degrees, albeit in the terminal grey cloudy rain-filled days, and dark by 4PM. I left to go back to Saskatchewan to see my family and managed to bring with me a warm front that had the temperatures soar to neat 0 degrees. The downside was of course that this produced rain and within 24 hours the temperatures had dropped to minus 35 degree's, turning the roadways into virtual frozen skating rinks.

Meanwhile in Rawai, Clive, the dogs and cat were getting their routines established and the house organized. Having gone through the massive downsizing we did to come here from Canada, we have become very materialistic possession averse. Almost to the verge of paranoia, whereby we evaluate every possession purchase to determine if it is a need or a want. The wants seem to loose out, and the needs get assessed and evaluated for the value added factor.

Clive managed to ensure the dogs got their walks and avoided any snake encounters. He did become familiar with the local rubber tree plantation, as he had decided to allow the pups to wander the moo for a sniff around. Annie decided this was a great opportunity to check out the rubber tree's. Normally not an issue, except that at this time of the year the plantation is high with grasses and vegetation, and of course provided excellent ground cover for the snakes.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Qstay in Taipei

Qstay Hotel in Taipei

On my recent trip to Taipei, I stayed at a hotel called Qstay. Initially I had planned to be staying with my friend Jeff, who had to make a quick last minute trip to Tokyo, but suddenly found myself having to find a hotel. He had no recommendations and felt there may be problems given the time of the year I was going to be there. Now I have traveled quite a bit and am no stranger to finding a hotel, I wil not profess that my choices have always been the greatest, but it is after-all just a bed for the night. As long as the sheets are clean and the noise level is low, I am pretty content. Any other ammeneties are a bonus in my books.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

They Don't Call It A Zoo For Nothing

As Close as I got to the Taipei Zoo

I am in the process of repacking for my trip back to Phuket from Taipei. It has been a good trip here and I have been glad to have made the stop-over. Unfortunately the last day has not worked out as planned. I had headed out early to go to the Taipei Zoo, to see the Panda's that are housed there as a diplomatic gift from China. Over my morning coffee I had read that the city has been crazy for the past 2 days with gridlock traffic on the freeways, and public attraction sites, including the zoo have been swarmed to capacity.

On my ride on the Metro, a fore teller of events to follow, I found a new definition for snuggling, as I found myself in a very very packed metro rail line car.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kung Hsi Fa Tsai From Taipei

I am working my way back to Phuket, after a very busy, productive 2 weeks in Canada. I arrived here in Taipei at the start of the Chinese New Year. Then title of this blog is to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year for the year of the Rabbit.

As I sit in my hotel room, the streets are exploding with fireworks and fire crackers.