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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Byron in Canada

Byron is a 4 year old tri coloured neutered male Basset Hound. He came to live with us in Canada through a newspaper ad, from people who could not keep him.  His best friend in the world and his playmate is a female red Basset Hound of the same age, named Lucy. They used to have frequent sleep-overs and loved to race 2 acres of property to the point of exhaustion. The constant basset howling scared any wildlife within 10 kilometers of the property. The move has caused them to have a long distance cyber relationship through the magic of Skype. If Byron or Lucy hear each other bark through the computer speakers, all hell breaks loose, ending with Byron at the yard gate barking and three bassets behind him howling their support in the belief she is walking up the moo any minute. In his spare time he likes to sleep, go chasing crabs on Palai beach riding on Thunderbird 3 spraying slobber all over the driver, sleep, have treats and eat, sleep and then go to bed for the night. He prefers to go to the bathroom privately, except for when he wants a drink of water out of the toilet. This requires one to go open the door, turn on the light, lift the lid, flush and then he will drink. It is easy to follow this routine, as he will stare at you and look at the action required, as if to say, "i'd do it myself if I had opposing thumbs". It works not only with us, but he has company trained as well. He avoids baths at all costs, as he is usually the one who found the dead rotten fish on the beach and rolled in it and seems to think is scent is great.
Byron, Crab Fishing at Palai Beach in Phuket, Thailand

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