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Thursday, October 21, 2010

From One Festival to Another

Well the vegetarian festival has finished, and the remnants of the firecrackers are still being felt afterward. I suppose that you have to dispose of the collection before the humidity makes them unexplodable (if that is even a word). Annie has managed to find the house entrances well and if nothing else the explosions has made her want to be closer to us more often and she finds great comfort in heading to the bedroom and settling on a king sized bed. After 24 hours of a more quiet neighbourhood, the evening has been resounding in the playing of live music. Although the venue is probably 1/2 a kilometer away, it is very clearly heard inside the house, even with the windows closed, that we can close. Tear down time is sometime after 1AM. They have stalls and multi coloured lights all around, so an investigation may be in order.

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