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Friday, October 22, 2010

Khun Pon

We learned of the death of Khun Pon at 33 years of age. He was at the Vegetarian festival last Friday and had a heart attack. When we decided to move to Phuket, we dealt with an agency called House in Phuket, where we met Welta the owner and her brother Pon and other great staff. They both have helped us a great deal in getting a house, and helping in some of the issues we have had in transitioning here. Pon was a large Thai guy with a beaming face and a smile and happy personaility. He was here at the house 2 weeks ago and in our discussions he saw the Gohonzon ste-up, that we use to practice our buddhist prayers. While this is a primarily Buddhist country, it is rare that someone would recognize the arrangement we have, as it is unique to the SGI Budhism we practice. Like most other major religions, Buddhism is a practice, but it has many different schools of thought and practices. I grew immediately interested in his recognition, as we have tried to find other SGI Buddhists here, but not been able to, so we practice alone. Perhaps fate or the universe or whatever power that may be, provided that brief contact that brings a sense of not being alone, and that there are other SGI'rs here in Phuket. With his passing, Khun Pon is remembered for his help, his excellent english (which was so important for him, but hindered by his shyness) and his generosity. Of course his big smile and eagerness to help were a bonus!

In memoriam: Khun Pon

On Friday morning, 15 Oct 2010, around 07:30, while joining a parade at the Vegetarian Festival in Phuket Town, my brother and our colleague, Khun Pon passed away. His heart just stopped working. When they arrived at the hospital he was already dead. He was 33 years old.

Khun Pon worked for House in Phuket almost 6 years, made almost all pictures on our website and has been a main contributor to make our business as popular as it is today.

Khun Pon, thank you so much for everything you did for us and the endless love you gave us. We will always love you.

Wellta and staff.

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